Planetary News
July, 2007

Hexagons on Saturn

Dust Storms on Mars

Rover Enters Crater

Phoenix Launch
in August

Hi, I'm Loretta McKibben, an educator and NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador. I am serving as Jeff Moore's webmaster for his science site.

The NASA-JPL Solar System Ambassador program provides speakers, classroom help, and other educational resources to all areas in the United States. If you are a teacher, Scouts leader, home schooler, or arrange speakers for a civic group, please visit the Ambassador home page for lists of volunteers in your area.

Send me an email at: tucsonastronomer -AT- gmail -DOT- com
if you have any questions about this web site, planetary science education materials for kids and teachers, or the Ambassadors program. Kids who are interested in planetary science, astronomy, or space exploation are welcome to send me their questions, and so are their parents. Ad astra! ("To the stars...")